A brand is a set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that come together and account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another. But as we know, brands are evolving to the digital age.

And guess what!!! I’m a Beatles fan, so let’s take a magical mystery tour with my favorite band to help us understand what a brand on this digital age is all about. Lets start the revolution!!!!!!

Like the Beatles, all great brands have great ideas behind them. Their brand created a set of feelings in people’s mind through a relevant and unique vision of the world. This vision went hand in hand with the changes in youth culture through the years. Some things don’t change, Idea is still the the walrus king in the digital era.

The Beatles brand supports the idea of being part of a community taking action in creating a new way of life. Wait!!! Are we talking about social media? It sounds so familiar.

Let it be: great brands are not only deeply linked to cultural changes, but they contribute to create them. And that doesn’t change on the digital age, it just gets amplified. So building a strong brand in the digital age is vital.

Of course branding has always been vital, but when we consider the online environment and changing user behaviours, we can see the clear benefits of branding:

• Online users are more autonomous than ever. Ask Me Why. Because with information at their fingertips, users are spoiled for choice in terms of products and services. A well-defined brand is essential for distinguishing your product or service from the rest.

• It’s a hard day's night because brands have less control over what is said about them online. Users have access to the opinions of other users, which heavily influences their purchase decisions.

• You say goodbye to the funnel model; and I say hello to various touch points where users engage with brands, however, branding ensures a consolidated message.

• Remember branding is not only about your product or service – it’s about your social engagement, customer services, sales process, your employees and everything in between – think about how digital has changed here, there and everywhere.

All in all, the digital world is about collaboration and sharing knowledge. So we got to come together for digital greatness cause in the end its our duty to evolve as digital brand communicators.

This blog post was written by Giorgio Montilla, Creative Director for SGA. It is intended to present a point of view that can help you improve your brand’s performance. If you want to start a dialogue, please share, comment or email me at giorgio@sajogarcia.com.